100 Gram Anadrol


Pack: 100 Gram



Anadrol or Anapolon or Oxymetholone are without a doubt the most powerful and effective oral steroid in the market. It possesses a highly androgenic effect accompanied by an extremely high anabolic effect. The gain in strength and muscle mass are 3 times greater than what you can achieve with dianabol in a shorter time frame. Anadrol is a steroid that does not cause any type of esterification and it is classified as fast acting with a short half life of approximately 4 hours. Due to this it is required to take several doses a day, no longer than every 8 hours. This is to avoid having the hormone levels decrease in the bloodstream which would decrease its anabolic effect. It is important to take oral steroids with an empty stomach, oral steroids are liposoluble substances if they are not taken properly it could notably affect the bioavailability of its active component.