10 vials ACE-031 1mg


Pack: 10 vials x 1mg/vial



ACE-031 is packaged into vials as a powder and needs to be completely dissolved in bacteriostatic water. The water should be injected directly into the vial. The vial should not be shaken, but can be gently rotated in order to dissolve any remaining powder. ACE-031 1 mg can be dissolved by adding 1 ml of water to provide 1 mg of ACE-031 in every 1 ml of solution. This solution can be injected in one single dose for maximum efficacy or split into several smaller doses. The ACE-031 solution should be stored in the fridge for up to one month. For optimal growth of lean muscle mass, ACE-031 dosage can be injected up to 3 mg/kg. Since the half-life of ACE-031 is up to 15 days then this dosage should not be exceeded within a two-week period. Subcutaneous or intramuscular injections are optimal when administering these peptides.